About Center of Wholeness


Center of Hope, Wholeness & Recovery (CHWR) is an holistic counseling and educational center founded in 2009, a name change to Center of Hope, Wholeness & Recovery, LLC (CHWR) was experienced in May 2015.

Dr. Shirley E. Randolph, Founder

Our Mission

The mission of the Center of Hope, Wholeness and Recovery, LLC (CHWR) is to provide professional psychotherapy within a Christ-centered framework. Within this inner Sanctum of Hope, all who are broken, battered or even shattered by the cares of life can come to receive healing for their Souls, Spirits & Bodies. Our therapeutic approach is anchored in the Christian perspective that the Bible provides us with principles, truths and answers to help us thrive in our daily living.

We believe that God wants to restore every part of our lives holistically, including our relationships with God and man. Our purpose is to help people come to know the life God intended for us. Our overall mission objective is to "Restore Souls to Health and Peace" through Strategic Prayer counseling, teaching and life/ministry coaching through the guidance of the Holy Spirit:

  • Serve as Ambassadors of Hope administering healing, wholeness and offering a Christ centered recovery to individuals and families within our communities, facilitate healing.
  • Encounter people where they are, and journey with them in experiencing transformational healing and wholeness from the inside out through providing Personalized Pastoral Counseling utilizing biblical tools which integrates Biblical truth, Divine Wisdom and psychotherapy.
  • Provide Open, and Coachable Consultations from a Biblical perspective to generate interactive education opportunities as effective therapy initiatives.
  • Assists prayerfully in responding to meet current community needs to help empower our clients to successfully overcome their issues.
  • Commitment in making CHWR Services Accessible to all clients by turning none away.

Ultimately, we seek to serve our clients with empathy and wisdom, in a Spirit led process, sharing the timeless truth of Scripture. Our counseling approach uses skills and techniques that are clinically effective, while rooted in the Christian faith.

Our counseling is an alternative to the community mental health system. More than any hospital or clinic, the church is the place of healing, growth and rich relationship. Center of Wholeness seeks to be an extension of the church, reaching out to the community to provide help and healing from life’s most difficult struggles – an Oasis of Hope.

Our Vision

Facilitates the transforming hope, healing, wholeness and recovery resulting in changed lives with timeless impact which effectually transcends across denominational, racial, ethnic boundaries and radiates to the Nations.

Our Core Values

  1. We value each person we serve as someone who exemplifies great worth and purpose in life.
  2. We value a gentle, honest, and prayerful approach with every person we serve.
  3. We value the highest of quality care and professionalism to those we serve.
  4. We value a team perspective in the care we give to those we serve.